I believe in providing timely and effective treatment that is accurately tailored to the individual's needs using evidence-based strategies. I believe that the success of therapy has a lot to do with the connection between the client and the therapist. I provide a safe, relaxed, and comfortable environment that enables my clients to develop trust in order for them to be themselves and to open up.

In therapy, we will explore the things that are holding you back, causing pain, and impacting your relationships and the people you care about and love the most.  We will work together to create the changes that you want to make in your life and make those changes meaningful and long-lasting. You will be able to take back control and enjoy life again.

Areas of special interest

Eating Disorders, Anxiety, OCD, Panic disorders, Social anxiety, Performance anxiety,  Specific phobia, Skin picking (Excoriation disorder), Trichotillomania, Depression, relationships, communication, Couples therapy, Parenting, and Stress management.


FBT (I am FBT certified), CBT, Family Therapy, Certified Clinical Supervisor.